Absolute Fencing Gear

The world’s leading supplier of equipment for Olympic-style fencing.   Combining three decades of experience, the Company equips fencers, clubs, universities, teams, events, and federations with fencing gear for all levels of the sport.  Learn More – Visit Website

Ask Fred

FRED is a self-serve services for fencing tournament organizers and fencers to coordinate participation in Tournaments. Learn More – Visit Website

Referees’ Commission FOC

The USA Fencing Officials’ Commission aims to facilitate the best possible athlete experience in American fencing competitions by developing and managing the most talented and unbiased referees in the world and creating an environment of fairness, honesty, integrity, and respect. Learn More – Visit Website


To grow and promote the sport of fencing in the United States, honor its rich traditions, and to achieve sustained competitive international excellence.  Learn More – Visit Website

International Fencing Federation FIE

The FIE organizes Senior, Junior, Cadet and Veteran World Championships with the aim to promote the development of fencing and nurture the practice of our sport.  This Global imitative is designed to tighten the ties of friendship which unite fencers of all countries  Learn More – Visit Website

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